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Our guests enjoy their own spacious indoor kennel with a cozy, elevated bed which keeps pets cool by allowing air flow.  While we have individual bedrooms, dogs from the same family can be housed together during their visit.

Our boarding facility offers the cleanest air system in Central Georgia. Pets breathe clean air at all times, instead of recycled air filled with pollutants, particles, germs, and odors. Your pet will breathe the cleanest air at Creekside Pet Lodge.

We encourage you to bring bedding, food, treats and toys from home for your dog’s comfort. We have over twenty years experience in the pet industry from grooming furry loved ones at Showtime Grooming to training other groomers at our School of Grooming.

Princess Puppy
Two French Bulldogs
Sweet Dog
Dog in Action
Three Big Puppies
dog in costume
dog running with toy
Dog Dressed as Butterfly
Dalmatian Dog
Beagle Puppy
Cocker Spaniels
Christmas Bulldogs
Pug Closeup
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After spending countless hours training pet groomers and grooming the majority of Macon's pet's, we realized there was a demand for pet boarding in Macon.

We understand that all pet parents wish they could take their babies with them wherever they go, but there are so many instances in which we can't. So, Creekside Pet Lodge has gone the extra mile to ensure your pet has a second home. 


Each pet has daily access to a large play yard. Our belief is that they should play as many hours in the day as they can, instead of remaining in their kennel. Each pet will have the time of their lives frolicking, barking, playing, and loving each and every day. 

We care for your pets with the clear understanding that each of our guests will require individual love and attention. The health, well-being and happiness of our guests are always the main priority in our minds and hearts, and we’ll treat your babies with the same affection and respect that we give to our own. Our facility is kept impeccably clean – with “maid” service provided every morning, and spot cleaning throughout the day as needed.

You can feel confident that your dogs are being left in a caring and clean environment.

Creekside Pet Lodge ensures each guest is up-to-date on their vaccinations, and has a vet on emergency call if the occasion arises.  We administer their food and medications on the same schedule they have at home. 

Creekside Pet Lodge's entire property is electronically secured and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for each guests's protection.  We also provide back up for heat and air conditioning should a weather event ever cause a power outage. 

Your pet will breathe the cleanest air available to anyone with our clean air flow system, which brings in fresh air instead of recycling old air. 


1409 Tucker Road

Macon, GA  31210


Tel: 478-292-8979


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

​​Saturday: Drop off only 8am-10am

​Sunday: Pick up only 4pm-6pm

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