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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Types of Animals We Board & Vaccinations

We board both dogs of any breed as long as they are not aggressive. We do not board any type of aggressive animal, regardless of breed, since we ensure the safety of all of our guests and staff members. Each pet must be clean and free of parasites (ticks, fleas, mites, etc.). There will be a $30 bathing fee for any guest who needs to be bathed due to dirt or parasites before being boarded. Each pet must be up-to-date on vaccinations and at least 12-weeks old. All vaccinations must be faxed over from the guest's veterinarian before the guest can enter the property.

Fax Number- 478-292-8706

Rabies  (yearly or 3 year)                  
Bordetella  (6 months)                            
DHPP  (yearly or 3 year)                    
FECAL  (neg) (yearly)


2. Office Hours & Pick-up, Drop-off hours

  • Monday – Friday:           8 am to 6 pm

  • Saturday:                      8 am to 10 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm

  • Sunday (pick-up only):    4 pm to 6 pm

3. Reservations, Cancellations, & Deposits

Cancellations must be made during normal business hours Monday-Friday. If a cancellation is made after hours or on a Saturday or Sunday, the cancellation request will be reflected on the next week day. Cancellation is required by telephone to ensure cancellation, and the pet owner must speak to an employee. An email will be provided to confirm any cancellation.  Cancellations must be made 7 days in advance in order not to be charged (Peak Season- Spring Break Season, Holiday Seasons, and School Breaks). If a cancellation is not made within in the time frame stated, charges will be placed to the owner's credit card on file.  If owner calls to cancel reservation on the scheduled arrival date of the reservation, or any subsequent day, or simply does not show up on the reserved days, owner will be responsible for the full cost of the time reserved.  Advanced deposits will not be refunded if reservation is not cancelled within the appropriate time frame. There may be additional cancellation penalties for reservations made three months or more in advance or during higher demand periods.  If the pet owner wishes to pick up their pets earlier than the end reserved date, thereby canceling reserved days, owner will be responsible for the full cost of the number of days reserved. 

4. Trip Delay

If the Pet Owner's trip is delayed, and the owner is unable to pick-up pet as scheduled, there will be a fee accordingly. The owner will be charged an extra day if the pet is not picked up by 6 pm. 

6. Health

The pet owner agrees upon boarding pet(s), the pet is in good health. If the pet has been ill or exposed to any diseases in the last thirty days, the owner understants that the pet(s) cannot be boarded at Creekside Pet Lodge until the pet(s) have thirty-one days of good health and no exposure to contagious illnesses. 

5.Pet Owner Liability

The pet owner is solely responsible and liable for the behavior, injury to other dogs or staff, or damage to any part of the facility, including the kennel. The pet owner represents that any pet(s) boarded at our facility have not harmed, nor shown aggression towards pets or humans. Owner is solely responsible for all monies accrued due to injury or damage, and release Creekside Pet Lodge from all liabilities.

7. Elderly Pets

Pet owner understands that boarding or grooming of an elderly pet(s), or pet(s) with health problems may cause the pet additional stress, and as a result the pet(s) may become ill. 

10. Bathing & Grooming 

We do not groom our clients, but refer them to our family business, Showtime Pet Grooming. We do offer bathing services for any client boarded with us. Please make sure to ask about a bath for your furry child.

Showtime Pet Grooming

(478) 757-0011

10. Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the intake/drop-off process take?

A: Please allow up to fifteen minutes for us to complete paperwork, tag your animal's belongings, and ensure the pet is set up in their room. Please ensure you are not in a hurry when you drop your pet off.

Q: Can I bring my dog's bed and blankets? 

A: Please ensure all toys and bedding have been labeled with a permanent marker.

Q: Can I bring treats for my pet?
A: Yes!

Q: Do I need to bring my pet’s own food?
A: Yes. Please bring food in individual ziplock bags for each feeding and each day.

Q: Will you administer medications for my pet?
A: Yes. 

Q: Is your facility heated and air conditioned?
A: Yes, it is kept at a comfortable temperature, year round. We also have a clean air system.

Q: Can my pets stay together in the same den?
A: Yes, we are happy to board pet siblings together. Because they'll be in close proximity, please only board siblings together who get along very well.

Q: Why is my dog so tired when we get home from boarding?
A: From all the playtime! When you're dog is with us, they are getting a lot more play time than they are probably used to at home. Being tired and sleepy the days after boarding is totally normal, and means that your dog had a great time with us!

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